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Energy Efficiency & Consulting Services, LLC has extensive knowledge and experience on acquiring substantial energy savings for our clients.  These systems and equipment generally have the greatest opportunity for energy savings:  


  •       Chillers and multiple chiller operations

  •       Air compressors and systems

  •       Desiccant and refrigeration drying systems

  •       Vacuum systems

  •       Boilers and hot water systems

  •       Variable-speed pumps for chilled water distribution

  •       Chilled water piping systems

  •       All types of piping distribution systems

  •       Combustion and combustion processes

  •       Ovens and furnaces

  •       Heat transfer equipment

  •       Process heating and cooling

  •       Exhaust systems

  •       Cooling towers

  •       Desiccant wheels

  •       Thermal storage

  •       Co-generation

  •       Humidification systems

  •       Refrigeration systems

  •       Power factor correction

  •       Air handlers and economizers

  •       Variable-speed fans and damper controls

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